Visiting Brussels: The Best of the City in Two Days

What if you only have two days in Brussels? What do you need to see, taste and experience? If you have wondered about these exact same questions, I’ve got you covered! Brussels is perfect for a romantic weekend away. It’s one of the most pleasant capitals in Europe. Not only are the people nice, Belgium is famous for its amazing chocolate. What’s not to love?

During the day, there is a host of museums and lively streets to choose from, at night you will have a plethora of restaurants, pubs and theatres to pick from. You will definitely not be bored! To help you out, we’ve compiled a suggested itinerary whilst in Brussels.

Day 1

Photo Credit: Wouter Hagens

The Morning

Start your stay in Brussels with a tour of the Grand Place, the central square of the Belgian capital. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, it is lined with private and public buildings built at the end of the 17th century. The Grand Place hosts events such as the Flower Carpet or the Ommegang, as well as daily markets. Whilst you are at the Grand Place, make sure to visit the Museum of the City of Brussels (what a mouthful!). It is dedicated to Brussels’ history and folklore. It even has a room dedicated to 750 costumes of Manneken Pis.


Have lunch at Grand Place in one of the cafes, like Le Roy d’Espagne. If there is a free spot, sit on their terraces and admire the beauty of the Grand Place. Order a nice Leffe beer, some mussels or a good Belgian waffle.

The Afternoon

Photo Credit:  Audrius Meskauskas

In the afternoon, visit the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, a splendid shopping mall dating back to the 19th century. The mall is conveniently close to the Grand Place, it’s only a short stroll away. Continue to the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. This beautiful gothic church was given cathedral status in 1962. Spend the rest of your afternoon at Place Royale, where you can find some of the city’s best museums. If you love fine art, make sure to pay a visit to the Royal Museums of Fire Arts of Belgium. If you are a fan of the works of René Margritte, visit the Margritte Museum instead.

The Evening

In Brussels’ Sainte-Catherine district, you will find many trendy and amazing restaurants. If you love seafood, then consider a visit to Mer du Nord. If you are looking for a different type of flavour, then there is Umamido, a Japanese restaurant where you can score amazing bowls of ramen noodles. Of course, you can also find many other seafood or French restaurants. Do your research and make sure to reserve a table at your preferred restaurant to avoid disappointment.

Second day

The Morning

Photo Credit: Marc Ryckaert

Travel to the South of the capital for a different taste of Brussels. You will move away from the main tourist areas around Grand Place and find yourself in a very chic district where you will find many shops and chocolatiers. Pay a visit to Place du Grand Sablon where you will find a great books and antiques market over the weekend. You will also be able to stop for a great cup of coffees at one of the nearby cafes. Whilst you are in this neck of the woods, consider a visit to Parc du Cinquantenaire, a large urban park. This park occasionally hosts various events, from food festivals to concerts, so make sure you check the itinerary before you travel so you don’t miss out!


When in Belgium, you can’t leave before tasting Belgium’s famous fries. One of the most famous spots is Maison Antoinette. You might have to wait in line a little while, but you will not be disappointed.

The Afternoon

Photo Credit: Oxyman

For another taste of Brussels’ fine museums, visit the Wiertz Museum which is dedicated to the works of Belgian artist Antoine Wiertz. If you are more into art nouveau, make sure to put the Horta Museum on your list. It is located in the private house and studio of Victor Horta. The buildings are considered to be typical of the art nouvea era. If you’ve had enough of all the art and prefer to stuff your face with some chocolates instead, Brussels also houses various amazing chocolatiers and chocolate museums. You will be able to experience Belgium’s amazing chocolates firsthand at various locations. Enjoy!

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