Amazing Algeria

Arguably less popular than its more famous neighbouring country Morocco, Algeria is full of history and has staggering landscapes. For those travellers who love nature, the mountains, the desert or the sea, Algeria will surpass all your expectations. Prepare yourself to be lost in its beauty.

Read on for my tips for the amazing country that is Algeria.


Photo Credit: Reda Kerbouche

Rich with history, a visit to Timgad is a must if you can make it. It was founded around 100 AD and has been preserved amazingly well. Timgad is located approximately 35 kilometers from Batna. The ruins are one of the best examples of Roman city planning, showcasing the use of a grid plan.


Located at the northeastern tip of the country, Annaba is one of the main cities and one of the oldest cities in Algeria. Stroll through the trendy city centre with its arcades, small cafes and restaurants. Then continue until its seaside.


Photo Credit: toufik Lerari

The capital, nicknamed “Algiers the Blanche” is a compulsory passage if you go in Algeria. You can discover the city centre Bab el Oued and tour around its citadel “La Casbah” which is more than a thousand years old. Through its narrow streets, you can cross its craftsmen, and you permeate its history.


The “pearl of the Maghreb” Tlemcen is located in the northwest of the Algeria. This city is known for its architecture full of history. You can visit the remains of Mansourah, Tlemcen’s main tourist attraction.


The city with the bridges – Constantine – is an architectural marvel, and it is surely for that that it was elected capital of the Arab culture 2015. Constantine is situated 640 meters above sea level and is framed by deep ravines. This highly picturesque city has various gorgeous bridges over the Rhumel river and also has an impressive viaduct crossing the ravine. Marvel in its beauty and pay this city a visit yourself.

The Sahara Desert

Photo Credit: Sidy Niang

The Sahara is the world’s largest sandy desert. It crosses no fewer than nine countries in Africa. More than 80% of Algeria is covered by the Sahara Desert. Take in this beautiful sight by going on one of various different Sahara tours.


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